Month: May 2015

Longest Saturday yet.

Hey everybody. Heck ive been too lazy updating new posts , well have those long days and just when i come back i unfortunately have to cook and all. Okay today i.e saturday , although its monday now i went to negytetenyi castle with the fellow interns. Its kinda outside Budapest . Well wait we first went to memento park which is where all the communist statues at. It's a place where they shipped all the momuments from the communist time. Darn russians. So the hungarians dint want to see them and dint want to destroy them ( So cool ) So they shipped em to this place. ( Shouldnt be called a park ). just saying. Well then we went to the castle , see above. It was amazing. more of a museum now because everything there is so unique and ORIGINAL from the 15th till 17th centuries. The paintings, ...

Sunday In Budapest of now

Hello everybody since this would be my first official post here so yeah first let me say i'd be very casual while writing and try my best to get you to feels what i really feel here. I missed a couple of days writing here about Abudhabi stories and  on a few hours at Berlin but il do it later in the next posts . Okay it's sunday, its about 2pm here. I'm here on an Internship for 6 weeks at this beautiful city . Have the whole flat to myself and free food . Thanks to Aiesec. So basically i do not have to worry about those things. On work . One word, Its amazing. My internship deals with Community Development here at a suburb of Budapest called Csomor like 10 minutes on Bus from the city. Its an NGO called Foundation for Equal Rights. Its been a week here in budapest and 3 days at work S