Longest Saturday yet.

Hey everybody. Heck ive been too lazy updating new posts , well have those long days and just when i come back i unfortunately have to cook and all. Okay today i.e saturday , although its monday now i went to negytetenyi castle with the fellow interns. Its kinda outside Budapest . Well wait we first went to memento park which is where all the communist statues at. It’s a place where they shipped all the momuments from the communist time. Darn russians. So the hungarians dint want to see them and dint want to destroy them ( So cool ) So they shipped em to this place. ( Shouldnt be called a park ). just saying. Well then we went to the castle , see above. It was amazing. more of a museum now because everything there is so unique and ORIGINAL from the 15th till 17th centuries. The paintings, furniture, ornaments and what not. I mean it was so inspiring that they are still in great condition. 15th century stuff. fucking amazing. So yeah i went berserk in there and took like a couple hundred pictures or maybe more. Its like the stuff is there from 15th century hungarian, french, italian and some british too. I would upload pictures here on this post with descriptions so we can have something productive. Well it was good. Then i attended Aiesec outgoing day , it was pretty cool. I told them about my experiences and all and gave them a solid advice NOT. Then i went out with them and had a few drinks ( coke ) . And played a game called moroco. It likes theres a bunch of sticks and you have to move and take the stick one at a time without moving the others. The one with the most sticks in the end wins . So it was amazing. Then i went to KFC and had sizzlers. Then i came back to the flat and passed out. Darn whattay day. Are you not entertained?. Yeah il update this post with the museum pictures later because its 4:30 am here and i have to wake up at 8. or maybe 7 because work starts at 8. Later. 🙂