Month: July 2015

Mosque of Sultan Al Muayyad

The mosque of Sultan Al Muayyad is a mosque of mamluk style with 1 dome and 2 minarets right next to the Bab Zuwayla initially built in 1421. The mosque holds the honor of being one of the unique architectural buildings . The construction began in 1415 and the mosque was completed in 1421.  Sultan Al Muayyad before becoming a sultan was imprisoned at a jail right where the mosque is now and he suffered so badly from fleas and lice that he vowed that if he came into power he would transform this place and get rid of this prison. So when he came into power he was true to his word and commissioned the construction of the mosque. The project of the mosque for the sultan was an ambitious one, costing the sultan 40,000 dinars between commencement and completion. According to al-Maqrizi, thirt

Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As

The mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As has the honor of the first mosque to be built in Egypt after it was conquered by Amr Ibn Al-As on the command of Umar Ibn Khattab. The location of the mosque was decided by a bird in what is now called the "old cairo". The story goes like a bird laid an egg on the tent of Amr and he later decided that it should be the place for the location of the mosque. Once of enter the premises of the mosque you find it pretty big in comparison to buildings of its times . It's because of continuous reconstructions over the ages. The original mosque was constructed in 641–642 AD but now nothing of the original structure remains because of reconstructions over time. The oldest structure that can still be seen today dates back to 900 in the southern part of the building. The

Al Azhar Mosque

Right within the heart of the "city of a thousand minarets" there is a mosque that leads the legacy of knowledge , wisdom and spirituality of a millennia .  When you get to read deeply about the islamic theology , get to know about modern islamic literature , the Islamic scholars. One of the institutes and the hub of knowledge and wisdom that really stands out among its contemporaries is the Al Azhar Mosque . Once you enter the premises of the place you get to experience the spirituality and the aura of the place which is really amazing . Since it was my dream to visit the Al Azhar mosque for a long time so i was just very excited about discovering everything about the place. As soon as we entered , as per the custom we put off our shoes and the girls had to cover their heads in res

Cairo last day before Suez

Well its been a great 6-7 days here at Cairo . Went to almost every place. Today its 3am here and everyones busy doing something and im sitting on the dining table writing this . Listening to jhoom . I missed on going to Imam Shafi tomb that is something i regret maybe i can visit it later. My thoughts right now are scattered as hell. Dont know why im writing in such manner. Went to the pharoanic village today where we took those photos in the pharoah clothes . The photos came out pretty cool haha. Right now im just writing when i shouldnt be writing to be honest. Not feeling a thing to write. But okay ate that chinese food with the chinese friends. Ate squid, cow liver, ajeeb boiled vegetable and harami sauce chocolate type. It was healthy though but my stomach i guess isnt used to such e...

Short Cairo Trip. Plus a couple days at Suez

So i accept ive been pretty lazy with writing posts since i cannot put my thoughts in order as im too lazy or im always busy with something new so il write now more about like this jshdfijksdkjfskjdf u know gibberish but genius full of new horizons and verticons. Right now me , rafe, victor , carlos and javier are sitting in the cafe  friends rock and everybody is  busy with laptop/mobile . This cafe is very close to our flat and we come here almost about everyday and sit here for hours . Me personally like to have tea although sometimes i dont feel like but i think im addicted to it. Okay been to Cairo for a night to see off Angela and meet with my very good egyptian friend Dina. It was great , went with Daria, Angela and Fafa. Stayed at the Dahab hostel . Had a smoke party lol. There wer

Suez day 1 after Alexandria

So  i get up at 2pm . Actually woke up at 10 but dint really feel like going out after this awesome trip to Alexandria. Tbh i was tired as fuck and really wanted to rest so yeah i dint get up till that late. And as soon as i got up i realized i have this interview of Bkf University at 2:30 so as always i mailed them with an excuse saying my internet isn't working and can you schedule like an hour late. So that i did and she obliged . Felt sweet. So i went to this cafe "friends rock" two blocks from my apartment and had my laptop set up and put on charging and so was my phone . I was all ready and shit but then i realized i needed ear plugs because of immense sounds at the cafe so i asked this indian girl Shivani and she gave them to me. So i gave an interview lasted 20 minutes went great e

Last day at Europe at this trip

I am sitting here writing at my sister's house in Magdeburg Germany. This is the last day here at my trip at europe after the first Aiesec internship in Budapest. I have been very fortunate to have met amazing people and travelled to so many amazing places which i once dared to dream to be honest. Right now im feeling kind of tired or amazed as 1) dont know what to expect in egypt 2) I still have alot of work to do for applications and stuff 3) plus i need to pack my stuff 4) Have to print in the documents 5)get a haircut ( i dont know if i can do that now here ). My flight is at 11 am tomorrow from berlin so il have to go from here at 5am. Yes precisely. Well one thing im not worried about is the fear since i am used to going to new places and expecting anything. So its kinda soothing in ...