Cairo last day before Suez

Well its been a great 6-7 days here at Cairo . Went to almost every place. Today its 3am here and everyones busy doing something and im sitting on the dining table writing this . Listening to jhoom . I missed on going to Imam Shafi tomb that is something i regret maybe i can visit it later. My thoughts right now are scattered as hell. Dont know why im writing in such manner. Went to the pharoanic village today where we took those photos in the pharoah clothes . The photos came out pretty cool haha. Right now im just writing when i shouldnt be writing to be honest. Not feeling a thing to write. But okay ate that chinese food with the chinese friends. Ate squid, cow liver, ajeeb boiled vegetable and harami sauce chocolate type. It was healthy though but my stomach i guess isnt used to such exotic food. Right now im listening to Ramy Sabris song Kelma which is sooo good. haha. Ate chinese lunch with Raf , Vivian, Berret, Peter , Shirley, Fabiana Longo and one other chinese guy. It was a good day. The thing that i did not like about the pharoanic village was that the people who were working as a display of the traditions and customs. i felt like they are lesser than people who come to see it I dont know dint seem right. God knows though. So yeah this post is all mumble jumble and there isnt any productivity going on to be frank . So yeah now im sitting in the living room and Mera, Wagih, Basem , Cris cano, Javier, Carlos and daria maybe are sitting talking and mexicans are watching the game between mexico and Jamaica . I want to write more personal stuff but dont feel like since it would be kinda foolish to do that. My wit says lets be quiet. Also tomorrow were gonna go back to Suez so i think it would be real interesting to see how it goes. Anyways im sooo sleepy i better sleep cherios.  Well yeah today i felt “loon”to be really fucking stupid and “cand” to be really confused. So anyways imma go to sleep Bye.