Last day at Europe at this trip

I am sitting here writing at my sister’s house in Magdeburg Germany. This is the last day here at my trip at europe after the first Aiesec internship in Budapest. I have been very fortunate to have met amazing people and travelled to so many amazing places which i once dared to dream to be honest. Right now im feeling kind of tired or amazed as 1) dont know what to expect in egypt 2) I still have alot of work to do for applications and stuff 3) plus i need to pack my stuff 4) Have to print in the documents 5)get a haircut ( i dont know if i can do that now here ). My flight is at 11 am tomorrow from berlin so il have to go from here at 5am. Yes precisely. Well one thing im not worried about is the fear since i am used to going to new places and expecting anything. So its kinda soothing in that way but still it’s my first trip to Egypt or any other country in Africa. So im pretty much looking forward to expecting alot of new things. Its been a crazy ride for me after the Aiesec internship at Budapest. I still need to write to my colleagues and friends at Budapest. That’s what im going to do when i go back to Pakistan Insha Allaah. Im mixed with emotions. And i havent prayed today maybe thats the reason im tired. So hopefully i can get the time to write frequently when im in Egypt.