Short Cairo Trip. Plus a couple days at Suez

So i accept ive been pretty lazy with writing posts since i cannot put my thoughts in order as im too lazy or im always busy with something new so il write now more about like this jshdfijksdkjfskjdf u know gibberish but genius full of new horizons and verticons. Right now me , rafe, victor , carlos and javier are sitting in the cafe  friends rock and everybody is  busy with laptop/mobile . This cafe is very close to our flat and we come here almost about everyday and sit here for hours . Me personally like to have tea although sometimes i dont feel like but i think im addicted to it. Okay been to Cairo for a night to see off Angela and meet with my very good egyptian friend Dina. It was great , went with Daria, Angela and Fafa. Stayed at the Dahab hostel . Had a smoke party lol. There were also two guys from South Korea and Vietnam who gave us company. The hostel is pretty good like id recommend anyone who comes to cairo to stay at Dahab Hostel. Good internet, Rooms are pretty cold if u open the windows . Yeah Dina showed us around the city in her car. That is pretty awesome of her. Met her brother and he’s a sufi , talked to him about religion . He follows naqshbandi tareeka and he asked me about the religious sufi scholars in Pakistan. Dina was like all nice . She gave us dinner and paid for almost everything. Went to the El Hussein place . Went to the tomb of El Hussein. Went to the market , the souvenirs were pretty awesome . Bought one for 50 Egyptian pounds. which is around 6-7 euros ( 1 euro = 8.5 Egp ) .  Yeah and went to the pyramids the next day it was pretty hot . I wasnt expecting such dirt as if the egp government dont want to own that place and all. SO for me apart from the pyramids and the sphinx itself. It was kind of a disappointment. Went on a cart paid like 65 egp each for the ride. The sun was at it’s peak. cam back got late for the bus , took a bus at 7:45pm and got to Suez at 9:45pm . Got a cab and went straight to the meeting as we had to talk to Basem Hosny about getting late and all.  He was kinda serious about it but i know hes a nice guy so i dint feel much . Well after that i missed the eid prayer because i was exhausted as fuck. So yeah been some days. Hectic but good ones. yesterday me and victor danced with the egyptians at this cafe. It was pretty awesome as they liked it sooooooooooooo much.  Today we have a meeting of the video team at like 5-6 i dont know. Lets see how it goes. Cheers