Suez day 1 after Alexandria

So  i get up at 2pm . Actually woke up at 10 but dint really feel like going out after this awesome trip to Alexandria. Tbh i was tired as fuck and really wanted to rest so yeah i dint get up till that late. And as soon as i got up i realized i have this interview of Bkf University at 2:30 so as always i mailed them with an excuse saying my internet isn’t working and can you schedule like an hour late. So that i did and she obliged . Felt sweet. So i went to this cafe “friends rock” two blocks from my apartment and had my laptop set up and put on charging and so was my phone . I was all ready and shit but then i realized i needed ear plugs because of immense sounds at the cafe so i asked this indian girl Shivani and she gave them to me. So i gave an interview lasted 20 minutes went great end of story. Now after giving so many interviews i think Im really good at doing great at them ( ofcourse if they don’t ask technical questions) ha.  Now im sitting here at the cafe writing this. The Aiesecers from Egypt are busy with a meeting with the Amal group and i dont feel like going back to the apartment or for example don’t feel like attending that video meeting. One thing i noticed and really loved is that the Quran plays all day at the cafes and every other place. Ramadan in Egypt is kinda amazing unlike anything ive seen before.

Cheers till the next post. Oh yeah and i have this meeting of Aiesec a gathering at 8pm tonight at this cafe .