My backpacking : Istanbul 7 days in 128 $ – Things to do- How to , Part1

Turkey Beautiful Mosque

It was not until the last few days at Cairo that i decided to change my plans of heading back directly home (Pakistan) to making a week visit to Istanbul. Having no idea whatsoever of where i will be staying or what i will be doing made it a bit more exciting. So well i took my flight from Cairo Airport with a 10 hours stay over at Athens , and that gave me enough time to prepare myself for this endeavor , a feet of bravery I’d say as i wasn’t accustomed to going somewhere without any idea of what to expect. So well, a 10 hour stay at Athens airport gave me enough time to look for a hostel. I was looking for a place that was near to the happening part of the city i.e sultan ahmet and taksim square. So well i found a hostel that in the end came out to be one of the awesomest places to stay on a budget travel and i would recommend that to everyone who is low on budget like me and wants to travel to Istanbul. On landing at the Ataturk Airport some stuff happened that i would like to share with you, although it’s not needed but i’d share it anyways :D. Not proud of the fact that i was wearing slippers and was looking like a junkie with a big beard and sleeping shorts on. I was asked upon questioning by the Istanbul airport security. ( s*** happens right ? ) …. So well i acted smooth and was out of that mess in no time. See , how much i don’t want to talk about it. hehe. Got out of the airport. ( to be honest i don’t like Istanbul Airport , i just don’t) obviously. Took a taxi and told him to take me to taksim street, that is where my hostel was ( Downtown Istanbul Hostel ). The fact that i had huge luggage , a trait i inherit being a Pakistani, had me having a huge bicep workout , which was quite a mess to be frank . Got to the taksim square, mobile was off, asked around to where the hostel was , finally got there after a 15 minutes walk. Rushed to put my luggage in the room and straighten my back. Which apparently ended up in a sleep of 7 hours , well yeah i’m like that fortunately and unfortunately. So my first day started at night at around 7 pm in the streets of Istanbul walking around taksim street which is quite fun actually. My hostel was at the end of the taksim street . The thing that i loved about that place was the home like atmosphere , the owner ( Ismail ) was always friendly and welcoming. I was sharing a room with 6 other people who i never got to see because whenever i came back i found everyone sleeping and when i woke up everyone was gone . Ermmm not proud of that. Anyways so next day i planned to visit the tomb of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari at Eyup Sultan.