Konya – The City of Rumi

Rumi was a muslim, a Muhammadi , a preacher of the word of Muhammad Pbuh. 2 hours from Ankara there is his city; Konya where he lived for the most part of his life and died eventually in the year 1273 AD.

I woke up in the morning at around 7am in my hostel in the hub of the Ankara city having reached there the previous night , had my chaye which was on the house and had some biscuits and was on my way to take a train to Konya. This train goes at 300km/hr , cool right . Having had the amazing view of countryside , rainy weather and the excitement of visiting the shrine of the Mevlana . I certainly had a great time in the train. Reached there around 11am. Apparently Konya is a middle class city , and well apart from the tomb of the majestic saint , which is the hub of every errand that goes inside , the city has not much to offer itself. Anyways , I got off the train and started walking towards the centre of the city , Did i say the city is very very religious. Yes it is very much and people are very conservative , do not speak a word of ingilizce and as the turkish people are , very hospitable.

Having had the habit of using GPS and taking my time instead of asking people , Works well but sometime you are left stranded because the world is a mazing place when you travel alone. You see , Mazing. So i had to walk like 3 kilometers before i was there at the tomb. It was really nice to get a glimpse of it , I’d clarify here as a Muslim I do not go the tombs to get prayers from the dead or leave a note there at the place ( some people do mostly in cultures that are illiterate) but its just for the appreciation of the people who did great in their lives and you just feel that greater connection which is but anything you can read in the books. So now , well i was there and there were a score of people . To my surprise a lot of chinese people were there defeating my prejudice that they don’t have any religion. Not being racist but that’s just the opinion of most of the people where i come from. There were a score of people from Iran as Rumi was Persian and highly regarded in the Persian empire. And lots of locals. Here i am going to share my video of inside the tomb , have a look.

Once i was done with the tour of the mausoleum , i could not help but appreciate how much work our ancestors have done towards spreading the message of God and prophets and here we are knowing everything superficially but empty inside. Hollow as a muslim partying in a bar, hollow as a teenager celebrating halloween, hollow as a city without righteousness , hollow as a mosque without muslims, Hollow as a church without knowing Jesus was not the son of God but a prophet. Hollow as a synagogue without the Talmud. Hollowness is very common in our times. May we not take hollowness to the graves. May we take filled waters to paradise. So the reason for this deep writing was that i was there making alot of videos and taking plenty a pictures but hollow , very much. I rest my case. Here are a few more pictures you would enjoy.