Short Cairo Trip. Plus a couple days at Suez

So i accept ive been pretty lazy with writing posts since i cannot put my thoughts in order as im too lazy or im always busy with something new so il write now more about like this jshdfijksdkjfskjdf u know gibberish but genius full of new horizons and verticons. Right now me , rafe, victor , carlos and javier are sitting in the cafe  friends rock and everybody is  busy with laptop/mobile . This cafe is very close to our flat and we come here almost about everyday and sit here for hours . Me personally like to have tea although sometimes i dont feel like but i think im addicted to it. Okay been to Cairo for a night to see off Angela and meet with my very good egyptian friend Dina. It was great , went with Daria, Angela and Fafa. Stayed at the Dahab hostel . Had a smoke party lol. There were also two guys from South Korea and Vietnam who gave us company. The hostel is pretty good like id recommend anyone who comes to cairo to stay at Dahab Hostel. Good internet, Rooms are pretty cold if u open the windows . Yeah Dina showed us around the city in her car. That is pretty awesome of her. Met her brother and he’s a sufi , talked to him about religion . He follows naqshbandi tareeka and he asked me about the religious sufi scholars in Pakistan. Dina was like all nice . She gave us dinner and paid for almost everything. Went to the El Hussein place . Went to the tomb of El Hussein. Went to the market , the souvenirs were pretty awesome . Bought one for 50 Egyptian pounds. which is around 6-7 euros ( 1 euro = 8.5 Egp ) .  Yeah and went to the pyramids the next day it was pretty hot . I wasnt expecting such dirt as if the egp government dont want to own that place and all. SO for me apart from the pyramids and the sphinx itself. It was kind of a disappointment. Went on a cart paid like 65 egp each for the ride. The sun was at it’s peak. cam back got late for the bus , took a bus at 7:45pm and got to Suez at 9:45pm . Got a cab and went straight to the meeting as we had to talk to Basem Hosny about getting late and all.  He was kinda serious about it but i know hes a nice guy so i dint feel much . Well after that i missed the eid prayer because i was exhausted as fuck. So yeah been some days. Hectic but good ones. yesterday me and victor danced with the egyptians at this cafe. It was pretty awesome as they liked it sooooooooooooo much.  Today we have a meeting of the video team at like 5-6 i dont know. Lets see how it goes. Cheers

Suez day 1 after Alexandria

So  i get up at 2pm . Actually woke up at 10 but dint really feel like going out after this awesome trip to Alexandria. Tbh i was tired as fuck and really wanted to rest so yeah i dint get up till that late. And as soon as i got up i realized i have this interview of Bkf University at 2:30 so as always i mailed them with an excuse saying my internet isn’t working and can you schedule like an hour late. So that i did and she obliged . Felt sweet. So i went to this cafe “friends rock” two blocks from my apartment and had my laptop set up and put on charging and so was my phone . I was all ready and shit but then i realized i needed ear plugs because of immense sounds at the cafe so i asked this indian girl Shivani and she gave them to me. So i gave an interview lasted 20 minutes went great end of story. Now after giving so many interviews i think Im really good at doing great at them ( ofcourse if they don’t ask technical questions) ha.  Now im sitting here at the cafe writing this. The Aiesecers from Egypt are busy with a meeting with the Amal group and i dont feel like going back to the apartment or for example don’t feel like attending that video meeting. One thing i noticed and really loved is that the Quran plays all day at the cafes and every other place. Ramadan in Egypt is kinda amazing unlike anything ive seen before.

Cheers till the next post. Oh yeah and i have this meeting of Aiesec a gathering at 8pm tonight at this cafe .

Last day at Europe at this trip

I am sitting here writing at my sister’s house in Magdeburg Germany. This is the last day here at my trip at europe after the first Aiesec internship in Budapest. I have been very fortunate to have met amazing people and travelled to so many amazing places which i once dared to dream to be honest. Right now im feeling kind of tired or amazed as 1) dont know what to expect in egypt 2) I still have alot of work to do for applications and stuff 3) plus i need to pack my stuff 4) Have to print in the documents 5)get a haircut ( i dont know if i can do that now here ). My flight is at 11 am tomorrow from berlin so il have to go from here at 5am. Yes precisely. Well one thing im not worried about is the fear since i am used to going to new places and expecting anything. So its kinda soothing in that way but still it’s my first trip to Egypt or any other country in Africa. So im pretty much looking forward to expecting alot of new things. Its been a crazy ride for me after the Aiesec internship at Budapest. I still need to write to my colleagues and friends at Budapest. That’s what im going to do when i go back to Pakistan Insha Allaah. Im mixed with emotions. And i havent prayed today maybe thats the reason im tired. So hopefully i can get the time to write frequently when im in Egypt.

Longest Saturday yet.

Hey everybody. Heck ive been too lazy updating new posts , well have those long days and just when i come back i unfortunately have to cook and all. Okay today i.e saturday , although its monday now i went to negytetenyi castle with the fellow interns. Its kinda outside Budapest . Well wait we first went to memento park which is where all the communist statues at. It’s a place where they shipped all the momuments from the communist time. Darn russians. So the hungarians dint want to see them and dint want to destroy them ( So cool ) So they shipped em to this place. ( Shouldnt be called a park ). just saying. Well then we went to the castle , see above. It was amazing. more of a museum now because everything there is so unique and ORIGINAL from the 15th till 17th centuries. The paintings, furniture, ornaments and what not. I mean it was so inspiring that they are still in great condition. 15th century stuff. fucking amazing. So yeah i went berserk in there and took like a couple hundred pictures or maybe more. Its like the stuff is there from 15th century hungarian, french, italian and some british too. I would upload pictures here on this post with descriptions so we can have something productive. Well it was good. Then i attended Aiesec outgoing day , it was pretty cool. I told them about my experiences and all and gave them a solid advice NOT. Then i went out with them and had a few drinks ( coke ) . And played a game called moroco. It likes theres a bunch of sticks and you have to move and take the stick one at a time without moving the others. The one with the most sticks in the end wins . So it was amazing. Then i went to KFC and had sizzlers. Then i came back to the flat and passed out. Darn whattay day. Are you not entertained?. Yeah il update this post with the museum pictures later because its 4:30 am here and i have to wake up at 8. or maybe 7 because work starts at 8. Later. 🙂

Sunday In Budapest of now

The place where im staying , My flat is on the third floor

Hello everybody since this would be my first official post here so yeah first let me say i’d be very casual while writing and try my best to get you to feels what i really feel here. I missed a couple of days writing here about Abudhabi stories and  on a few hours at Berlin but il do it later in the next posts . Okay it’s sunday, its about 2pm here. I’m here on an Internship for 6 weeks at this beautiful city . Have the whole flat to myself and free food . Thanks to Aiesec. So basically i do not have to worry about those things. On work . One word, Its amazing. My internship deals with Community Development here at a suburb of Budapest called Csomor like 10 minutes on Bus from the city. Its an NGO called Foundation for Equal Rights. Its been a week here in budapest and 3 days at work So i right now just getting to know people and the city  . So well errmm i’m just thinking about going to the city again to visit the castle or something and on my way back   get milk bread eggs and a long list which my mom and sister just told me . So i think il get them today so they can teach me how to cook, amazing no. Ate KFC yesterday already feeling fat. The lunch and breakfast is amazing at the organization although my taste buds are yet to accept it but its kinda tasty especially the rice. They use the same recipes i think because it was pretty similar to how my mom and my best friend in Pakistan ; Sabir, cooks. btw il go into the names of the foods and pictures ofcourse later ;). Well this post is pretty random i know , apologies for that. Il write about other details in the upcoming posts. Il see you later yeah . Adeous.  God bless.